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Monday, March 15, 2010


When I was a child, I loved to read.
I'm sure that came because of my parents' love for books and words.
I used to read book after book.

We would take afternoon trips to the library, and I would come home with PILES of books. Many times I would begin reading before we were even out of the parking lot.

I remember hiding under my covers with a flashlight after I was supposed to be in bed, so I could read one more chapter of "The Baby-Sitter's Club" Or "The Saddle Club" (Apparently I liked Clubs?). When my parents would come in to check on me, I would fake sleep so that I could get back to reading (sorry mom and dad!)

One of the books that has stuck with me even into my adult days is a book by Kevin Henkes called "Chrysanthemum". It is the story of a little mouse whose name is Chrysanthemum. She loves her name, but then she goes to school and the children make fun of it. It's too long... it sounds funny... it almost doesn't fit on her name tag...it's different.

My mom used to read this book to me, and I identified so much with this little mouse. My name was long, and sounded funny, barely fit on my name tag... and it was different. I remember going through a phase when I wanted to be called Kristy. I loved that name. Then in high school I decided I would shorten my name and go by Dia (you know, like "day" in Spanish?). My poor mother. She thought my name was beautiful and perfect.

Now as an adult, I am grateful for a name that is unique. I think my name is beautiful and perfect. I am even more grateful for it as a business owner with a business that is centered around me and my name.

I have been in the process of branding and finding my own uniqueness as a photographer. And I am soooo excited to release my brand new LOGO! I have a wonderful graphic designer (Elise Hogue) who also happens to be one of my 2010 brides. She did an AMAZING job taking my signature and creating a logo for me.

So thanks Elise, for a beautiful logo.
And thank you, mom and dad, for a beautiful name :)


Harmony Loves said...

I love your name and I'm loving the new logo! way to go!!

KHK said...

I love it! Both your name and the new logo :)

-brittany- said...

ooh la la! I like!

grams said...

You have the most beautiful name ever!!!! I loved it the first time I heard it!!!! I remember you mom saying that your middle name was going to be Ann and that they were going to keep the first name a secret until you were born. She ended up telling me but everyone else was pleasantly surprised!!!

. s h e r r y * said...

LOVE the new logo!

Jewelielyn said...

first of all, any child who wants to stay up late to READ should be encouraged! if only i'd known . . . and secondly, i knew that you were going to be special and someday you would need a name that would stand out. i'm glad you finally love your name as much as i do! and thirdly, the new logo is awesome!! it is totally and completely YOU! it is perfect!

ChristenB said...

I also loved to read growing up, and I would sneak into the bathroom with a book tucked in my pj pants and then sit on the toilet lid reading with the light on and door locked until I finished whatever book I was reading... whether it was BabySitters Little Sisters or some cheesy christian teen romance story by Janette Oke. haha. =) On another note, love your new logo!

ruth eileen photography said...

love the new logo!! :)

Michelle said...

Looks great Diandra! Congrats on the new logo and look! :)

Cindee said...

omg, i did the same thing as a child, act like I'm asleep so I can read just 1 more chapter, lol!! congrats on your new logo! :)