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Friday, January 15, 2010

The power of photographs

If I were to say one word to you right now, it would evoke powerful emotion.
With one word, I could instantly paint a picture in your head of terror, destruction, tragedy and defeat.

One word.



I said it.

And now you have 10 million things running through your head.
My bet is that all of them have to do with the earthquake.
Words are powerful. But in some situations, photos are even more powerful.

The main reason I could easily paint that picture in your mind with one word is because you have seen so many pictures. They're on the news, they pop up on your computer screen, they're in forwarded emails... they are saturating us at this moment in time.

And they are powerful.

Top 2 photos telegraph.co.uk, last photo guardian.co.uk

When I read a story, I get lost in the words. I identify with the characters, I feel their pain, their joy, their sorrows... and for a few moments in time, I am in their world. But when I look at a photograph, it is not just a moment in time. It stays with me.

Photos are powerful.

This morning, pray for the people of Haiti.
The ones that are hurt and injured and alone...
The ones who are grieving and saddened...
The ones who have no hope.
Pray for the people.

I adore wedding photography. I adore lifestyle photography. I adore taking pictures and capturing people's joys for them to cherish for the rest of their lives in a way that no one else can. But I also want to do something to help. Something that moves people to change. I want my photos to produce an action.

I have several projects coming up with non-profit organizations that I hope will do just that. I am so excited about these opportunities and I can't wait to share more with you. I would challenge all of you photographers to do something. Whether that is for the people of Haiti, or the people in your own backyard, stretch yourself to find ways of using your camera to help people. And for you who are not photographers... find ways to help people using the gifts and talents you have been blessed with.

And in the mean time, pray for the people of Haiti.

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Believe said...

Diandra! Hello and I am right there with you! Had a post about this yesterday...even a little is A LOT in terms of what the people in Haiti need..and what we can all do. Praying for them, and thank you for this great post!