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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teaser: Fashion Shoot

When I moved to Southern California, my "friends" used to make fun of how I dressed. The first thing we ever did together was go shopping so that I would have better clothes. Needless to say, I am no longer friends with them, and my friends now LOVE the way I dress... right down to my pink and orange flannel down feather vest! Right guys?

Southern Califorina is the hight of fashion. It's everywhere! Girls wear heels even to the supermarket... and I can say that I have been one of those. I am totally intrigued by fashion, and as I've gotten more and more into photography, fashion has been something I've dreamed of shooting... I've watched America's Next Top Model and marvelled at the way the photographers would get these amazing shots and make it look so easy. I've paged through magazine after magazine of high fashion shoots with beautiful models and make up and hair and awesome fashion. But I'd never dared to try it... until yesterday.

An awesome opportunity arose a few months ago for me to shoot this incredible fashion shoot. A friend of mine was doing all the hair and make-up and it just all went from there. So yesterday I nervously went... and ROCKED IT OUT :) It ended up being a fabulous super fun 6 hour long shoot in the middle of a back lot/alley. We had an incredible time and produced some awesome images. There are SO MANY images that I am sorting through, but I wanted to share one (that isn't so high-fashiony... but it is totally my style and I managed to get it!) There will be many more coming that are full of high fashion, but here's your preview for now :)



Bianca said...

Yowzers!!! I can't wait for more :) This is going to be amazing :)

Carlo Parducho said...

Hi, Diandra,

I've been a fan of your blog, your writing, and your photos since I saw those pics of Erika. Your work has life, not just pretty subjects, technical lighting, and fancy post processing.

I can't do fashion photos for the life of me. It'd be cool to get ideas. Let me know if you need an assistant =)