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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sometimes life is Messy.

And it seems that mine has been for a long time...

It's never in big ways... but the little things seem to have gotten away from me.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day cleaning out my room...
I tried on every single thing I own (which alone probably took 5 hours... I have a LOT of clothes). I went through all the random papers that were floating around... organized drawers and boxes... and TRIED to hook up my digital-HD-analog-whateveritscalled box to my TV because it's been out of service since everything went digital.

When I was done it felt good. Really good.

Then I went to the gym. Yes... the gym.
I used to be very active... in fact I originally went to college and majored in P.E. (I know, I bet you didn't even know that WAS a major huh???). I was so active and worked out a lot and kept myself in good shape.
But then I came home.
And my life now is more hectic than ever.
It seems I'm always on the go... eating out all the time and never having time to work out on a regular basis.

Many of you read that my dad ended up in the hospital this week. He's doing much better and even coming home today. But it could have ended differently had he not been in such great shape. My dad is 52, but he still plays basketball with the younger guys from our church every Saturday morning and kicks their butts. He wakes up at 5am every morning and works out. He watches what he eats with more discipline than a drill sergent and he is an active martial artist. Those are the things that saved his life. Had he been in worse shape, the doctors say he might not have survived. When I heard those words, I was scared. I was scared because I realized that if that had been me, I wouldnt have made it.

Excersise... even health... hasn't been at the forefront of my mind... but this week, it was rocketed so far to the front that my brain almost exploded. And that is how I found myself in Bally's Total Fitness... signing up for a membership... and a Personal trainer. And that is where I ended up today... meeting with Kayla, my new personal trainer. Who subsequently kicked my butt and made me sweat. But I'll definitely be going back for more.

So today, I am feeling like life is getting a little less messy, a little at a time.

And for all of you who prayed for my dad, even without knowing who you were praying for... thank you! He is well on his way to recovery.

And since every post is better with a picture... and there haven't been a lot of pictures lately... here's a teaser that is very special to me... cuz it's my beautiful mama :) And mom, even though you didnt want these online, you are just too pretty to pass up!



Tira J said...

So glad your Dad is doing better Diandra! And that picture of your Mom is beautiful! I totally understand when it comes to getting back on that exercise wagon. This whole blood clot thing got me shaken' in my shorts! I have been back to the club for the past two weeks and feel amazing!

Heston said...

Yes, people need to take care of themselves. I found out this week that someone I used to work with and consider a friend had a heart attack and had quadruple bypass surgery and has been unresponsive since. I don't even know if he is alive. No one knows because he was out of town when it happened. I always warned him about eating better. He ate burgers just about every day.
Anyhow, kudos to you for joining a gym!

Grams said...

Well said!!

Bianca said...

If I go on Tuesday to Bally's (which I think I can), you have to come :)

Michelle said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing well! I'll pray as he continues to recover and for his journey ahead. God is faithful!!!