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Monday, August 3, 2009

Group Shoot

I'm an only child.

I grew up finding ways to entertain myself and hanging out with my invisible friends. Yes, I am that girl. And I am sooo super cool :)

I always wished that I could surround myself with neighborhood friends, and play the nights away, but I was instead forced to make believe and keep myself occupied.

When I was 15 we moved to a tiny little town and I finally had a neighborhood... complete with my very best friend, Davene living practically next door. It was everything I'd ever dreamed of! Only I was 15, not 7.

Fast forward 9 or so years. I have this nagging need to be surrounded by wonderful people. Maybe it's that inner only child... or maybe it's my lack of quality friends growing up (except of course for those few short years with Davene). Whatever it is, I strive to surround myself with positive, supportive people now. I am blessed to have a small but very close group of friends.

In the spirit of surrounding myself with great people, I have planned a group shoot for October 3rd! This will be an opportunity for photographers of any skill level to come together and become life long friends. Or at least friends for the day while we shoot together :)

One of the things that is really hard about breaking into the photography business (especially wedding photography) is getting a portfolio of work for people to look at. In order for someone to hire you, you really need to have examples of your work for them to see. But in order to have examples, you must shoot. It's almost a catch 22. Enter... Group Shoot. We will have several brides and grooms, complete with hair and make up and beautiful flowers who will be ready to work it for your camera.

If you are a seasoned professional... here;s your chance to have a little fun and do something out of the box and spice up your everyday wedding pictures. If you are brand new and just trying to get started, this is a chance to get some great shots, AND to learn from people who have been in the business.

So what can you expect for $50 one October afternoon? Lots of fun... beautiful models (seriously... I know them... they're gorgeous!)... learning opportunities, excellent portfolio shots... and networking like crazy! I am so excited to meet many of you blog readers and OSP-ers! I am looking forward to this and I hope you'll all jump in and get on board as well!

To sign up, comment on this post with your email and I'll send you a paypal form for payment. Spots are limited (we dont want to totally overpower the models!) so get in there soon!

Seriously... please don't make me take pictures with imaginary friends! :)

And because we all love pictures... here's a shot Erinn of ED Photography took of me for some upcoming things I have planned. And just for the record... I met Chris and Erinn at the last group shoot that I attended. I am so glad to now call them friends!



chelophoto said...

I'm an only child too! Making believe was right up my alley!! Wish I lived closer.

Edwin said...

Im in you can reach me at info@wcphotostudio.com my wife says she is definatly in for make up let me know.

mark said...

I'm in. marklopezphotography@mac.com
Thanks, can't wait.

Elizabeth Luna Photography said...

Were is this taking place @ ? Please email me the details!

Diandra Ann said...

@chelophoto... wish you could make it... maybe another time you'll be in the area :)

@edwin... you're all good. I'll make sure you get the follow up emails with details!

@mark... sent you your email.

@elizabeth... it will be in the LA/Orange County area... details will come at a later date. The location is a natural setting... but I havent released all of the details to this point. For those that sign up they will receive an email with all that info as it gets closer!

Mapuana Reed Mataele said...

Sign me up!!! I can't wait. Email me at Mapu@MapuanaPhoto.com.

Mia Fraas said...

This sounds great! Sign me up! Email: Fraasfamily@aol.com

Elizabeth Luna Photography said...

Ah in that case please sign me up! I look forward to this :D

Lori Anderson said...

Sign us up. Keith and I would love to attend.

nancyelizabeth said...

count on one of us from artbyhp.com
not sure who will be shooting that day, my hubby or me, the other will be with you.. hope it's me!!!

thanks thank thanks

Diandra Ann said...

hey guys make sure you're leaving your email addres... I need that to get you signed up! Thanks.

Puanani Tuiolosega said...

I'd love to get signed up too! pua@tiarephoto.com

Nicole said...

I can relate on many levels! Will it be on a weekend?

Diandra Ann said...

Hi Nicole. It's on Saturday, October 3rd :)

Chirag Patel said...

Sign me up for the Sat, Oct 3 2009 Photoshoot.

Thank you,
Chirag Patel

Rachel Clare said...

I'd LOVE to! Just joined OSP- just saw this post! Count me in:

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great chance to practice. count me in, if there is still room.

jo elegado said...

I would like to attend also: jo_elegado@hotmail.com

Bill Curtis said...

Just wondering how many models will be available and what the limit will be on photographers participating?

Sonia_Tapia said...

I saw your post on the LA photo meetup group. I'd like to sign up please.


Anonymous said...

Hello new member, I would love to be a part of this.
Thank you,
Eniko G

Nicole said...

haha clearly I missed the October 3rd paragraph. :) Email me if there is still room! glenn.nicole@hotmail.com

Nichole Horton said...

Hi Diandra!

Thanks so much for organizing this, sounds like it's going to be awesome so count me in!

I can be reached at:

Can't wait to meet you!

David said...

I would love to come and be part of it, if a spot is still open please send to david@davidphotography.net Thanks !!

Ivy said...

I would like to join...is there any spaces left??

Kristen Joy said...


Are there any spots left? I am from out of town ( Las Vegas ) but would love to do a fun shoot in LA !!