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Friday, July 31, 2009

Teasers and a mountain

Today I am up bright and early. Much earlier than I like to be. If it were up to me, I'd sleep till noon and stay up until 3am... that's just how I am. But today I am up early for a very good reason. I am going to get some rest. And relax. This morning I'm heading up a mountain (of sorts) and getting away for a couple of days. I'll be away from my computer (and blog) for the next two days getting some much needed relaxing time. It's easy to let life and everything that needs to be done control you instead of taking control of it. So today, I'm taking control and choosing to slow down and spend some time with friends.

BUT... before I slow down, here are a couple of shots of what is coming up in the next week!

Maybe you remember Kendyl? She has pretty cool parents too!

And here's a session I just shot yesterday. One of the coolest I've done yet... you won't want to miss this one!!!

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Kelly said...

You take wonderful pics