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Monday, May 11, 2009


Thank you for reading my blog!!!

I started this on a whim, and only recently really decided to go with it, and I am LOVING blog world! I like posting pictures, telling stories and just keeping up with the day to day things.

But mostly, I love knowing that other people are enjoying it! I love getting comments and hearing what you think. I noticed this morning that I have passed 2000 views! I only started keeping track of that in the middle of last month so that's pretty exciting!

This is the first picture that showed up when I googled "2000".

I am always blown away at the positive feedback I receive from people... family, friends, other photographer friends, and complete strangers! In comments, emails, and even other blog posts! I am so blessed to have been mentioned or even featured on several blogs (Jasmine Star Photography, White Haute Photography, Momtog, Scarlett Lillian Photography, Chelophoto, and of course my mom's blog) for one reason or another.... who knows... maybe there are some I don't even know about!

Thank you all for viewing, commenting, writing, and supporting! I love hearing from you!

And... in honor of this milestone... I've decided to add a map to the bottom of my blog to see where people are checking in from! I think it will be fun.

Coming up this week: a BEAUTIFUL engagement session, a top-secret project preview, FAQ, and some other cool things!


Jennifer Pinkerton said...

Don't forget the number of people who use RSS feed to read your blog, of which I am one! (Don't think that comes up on a pageview counter!)


Diandra Ann said...

Ooooo!!! Thanks! I don't even really know how that works... I should learn :)

Tira J said...

Yay for hitting 2000!! Don't you wish you knew who all of those people were? It's all of the lurkers! Which I love! Eventually they come out and admit they had been following for a while. Kudos to you!

Bianca said...

Yay! What a great milestone :) I'm so proud of you!

Suany said...

I can't wait to get more from your blog...I love it...I'm your fan!!!!

Mareike Murray said...

Hi Diandra, I've seen your "Anytime" session on Jasmine's blog and have been following your progress. I'm in a similar situation as I'm also learning and my dream is to turn professional one day. It's great to hear somebody else's story! Just keep at it!! You're doing very well. (I'm in Scotland - talking about international fanbase ;)

Mary Marantz said...

Congratulations!! That's awesome!!

Diandra Ann said...

Thanks everyone!

Tira... I sooo wish I knew who they were. I always love when I get a comment from someone who's never commented before!

Bianca... yours is gonna get there in like a week! :)

Suany... you're awesome!

Mareike... wow... definitely amazing to have someone following me from across the world!

Mary... thanks!

Suany said...

no... you are awsome!